July 16-20, 5 days in LaTour/Orb (34)

July 16-20 2024, a 5 days residential workshop in the south of France 

• Hours: 10am-5.30pm. Begins on Monday, at 7:30pm, for dinner. Ending on Saturday 4pm..

• Place: Le Moulin de Mirande, La Tour-sur-Orb (34260).

• Cost of the course (without lodging): 520€ all material included (-50€ if registered before June 2), 440€ for continuing students (more than 1 workshop per year, or a pack of 10 morning zoom sessions). Professional (invoice): 720€. 200€ deposit* to confirm registration.


 Lodging: all the details HERE ►

What do we do in a YesPainting intuitive painting course?

Essentially... we paint! And, brush in hand...

• you will discover how to unleash your creativity, identify the limits you give yourself... and how to overcome or circumvent them,

• you will feel free to listen and express with complete confidence what your intuition suggests to you,

• you will get to know yourself better,

• you will rediscover the pleasure of playing, by placing a color just because you want to, for no reason. And, as I like to say, this approach is not going to make you happier, it is going to make you much more alive!


How are the days organized?

As in all YesPainting courses, there are...

- a teaching part at the start of the day (45'),

- an individual coaching (4h30),

- and a sharing part at the end of the day.

Who are these workshops for?

  • to those who want to develop their creativity,
  • to those who want to use creativity as a tool for self-discovery,
  • to those who want to put their creativity into their daily life: personal life, relationships, professional life,
  • to those who feel blocked in their self expression,
  • to artists and creators who want to renew their inspiration,
  • to those who would like to create, or already create without knowing it,
  • to all those who want to play with colors and brushes without being afraid of being judged, of being compared,...
  • ...and to those who want to discover the PointZeroPainting approach developed by Michele Cassou.

Experienced artists or beginners with a brush are all welcome.

More information about intuitive painting

  • YesPainting workshops: When I say YES to who I am 
  • More about Creative expression 


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