YesPainting: When I say YES to who I am


YesPainting. Saying YES to what is inside and wants to get out. Yes to what is sometimes so desperate not to get out, because of the narrow frame in which we lock ourselves : our own image, the image we want to show to others, and sometimes the most powerful one : the image we want to show to ourselves.


To challenge this « golden prison », I teach you to say, with « a brush in hand », YES to this color that i usually dislike, or YES to this weird shape that i would like to control and understand, YES to that intuition that smoothly leads me to unchartered territories, YES to the joy of being surprised by myself.


By saying YES to all these moves that go from deep Inside me to the tip of my brush, from the painting pots on the table to my painting paper, I (re)discover emotions, feelings, I open new windows on the world, on possible worlds, on my own world, and on the worlds of others …


And by going from one YES to another YES, I reach the intense jubilation of being alive, more and more often … ;-)

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