December 15:  full Friday online 

February 22-24:  workshop in Paris 

Explore your creativity

Come and discover and develop your creativity with a brush in hand !

YesPainting workshops will enable you to discover your own creative process, to develop your intuition, to explore your own limits … and go "beyond" !


During the workshops, Isabel will not teach specific painting techniques, but will rather focus on how creativity really « works ». Transmission will be mostly effective through discussions as a group, but mostly through individual practice: listening to one’s intuition, being present to oneself, going beyond creative blocks … all of that … just by painting.


YesPainting workhops are open to:

-        those who want to develop their creativity,

-        those who feel a blockage in their creativity,

-        those who want to discover and develop their own self through creativity,

... in fact anyone passionate or just curious of self development, creativity and creation.


YesPainting workshops: When I say YES to who I am 

More about Creative expression


For registration and
all further questions and information, 

  please send an email to Isabel Fouchecour 
or to call +33 6 12 22 59 18


You like to paint ? You feel like painting ? You want to start now ?

YesPainting: When I say YES to who I am HERE ►

With just a brush in hand, you will be able to...

... discover the occupants of the castle,

... leave the castle,

... explore new worlds,

... meet the dragons, and learn riding them,

⑤ ... find allies,

... hear about "King Reptyl 1st",

... welcome the unknown,

... discover the "Game of I",

... push back the limits,

①⓪ ... take care of your garden.