June 7-9:  3 days in Belgium 

July 16-20:  residential workshop in La Tour/Orb 

Intuitive painting: a way to free your creative intuition

Your intuition as a guide towards yourself...

Intuition is our most accurate voice, the one that takes into account all our dimensions. Discover by painting how to let go of your mind, to let your intuition emerge...


You are not a product to be controlled

In intuitive painting, what matters is you and your freedom of expression. Not the sheet of paper. It's not the result that matters, but the freedom you allow yourself, between the painting table and the sheet pinned on the wall. Neither judgment nor criticism: just the discovery of our limitations and understanding how to overcome or circumvent them. We stop seeing ourselves (or others) as a product.


Inhabit your body, and feel even more alive

Parts of our body are stiff, or asleep,... While painting, unexpected areas appear, our perceptions and our senses are refined. As if more vital energy was circulating within us...


Welcome your imaginary world

Among the many things that make you totally unique is your imaginary world. It's like a planet of its own. And the richer it is, the more we welcome its complexity, the more our self-confidence grows.

Associated benefit: you dare your creativity, which develops at the same time as your imagination is enriched.


What do we do during the workshop ?

During the workshops, Isabel will not teach specific painting techniques, but will rather focus on how creativity really « works ». Transmission will be mostly effective through discussions as a group, but mostly through individual practice: listening to one’s intuition, being present to oneself, going beyond creative blocks … all of that … just by painting.

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