The colors

Best to choose good quality gouache or tempera for bright colors, we suggest Linel tempera fine in tubes or Solo Goya.

There are many brands to choose from, we have only given you a few… So feel free to explore and experiment. But be generous with yourself: you deserve the best…J


Here are the colors I use to display in the workshops:

  • in grey, the colors coming out of the tube,
  • in green, the colors which result from mixing.

The english version comes soon :-).


When mixing, first put light color and add slowly the darker one until you get what you want.


To make a palette

You need 1 icecube tray and plastic wrap.

Fill each ice cube bowl half up (less for gouache in tube because you will have to add some water to have them ready to paint).

At the end of a painting session, spray palette with water lightly, and cover with plastic. Then put in refrigerator.

These palettes can last for months when kept cold.

The brushes

Best to invest in good quality watercolor brushes. You need only 4. Good brands are : Isabey, Raphael.

Sizes : 5, 3 and 1. Or 3, 1 and 00. And for details, a very small detail brush, n°00 and if you want more, get a 1 and/or 2.

Never lay them in water on tips, and wash them carefully with warm soapy water after each painting session.

The paper

Canson (or watercolor paper), 200g, 50x65 cm.   


Your space

Just a wall, or a door, or a table… a place that can stay permanent. In a private space, best to keep the painting showing, so it will call you at any given time.

If it’s not a private place, just turn the painting around when you are not painting.