PointZeroPainting workshops for 2019

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Workshops in France and in Europe

So far, the agenda for 2019 is...

• May 8-11: 4 days workshop in Paris 


• June 14-15: 2 days workshop in La Tour-sur-Orb 


• July 23-27: 5 days residential workshop in the south of France 


• September 12-14: 3 days workshop in Paris 


• October 4-5: 2 days workshop in La Tour-sur-Orb 


• October (dates to come): 3 days workshop in Brussels 





The workshops count as prerequisites

for attending Michele Cassou's Masterclass in the USA.


More dates to come.

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 For registration and

all further questions and information, 
please send an email to Isabel Fouchecour 
or to call +33 6 12 22 59 18