Special workshop : Painting & Loving

Step by step, the PointZeroPainting approach taught me (and still teaches me ;-) loving. Because I was invited to focus on the process, not on the product, I began stopping to look at me, or the other (partner, children,...), or the relationship itself, as a product


During this workshop, with a brush in hand, you will be able to discover the links between the way you limit yourself when you are painting, and the way you limit your significant others and your relationships. At the same time, you will discover opportunities to create new spaces to develop creative relationships, fostering exploration instead of compromises.


That's what I wish to share with you. The only requirement: having already taking part in two PointZeroPainting workshops, and being committed to do the 2 or 3 exercises that I will send you before the workshop.


Practical details

January 17-20 2018, a 4 days workshop in Paris 

- Prerequisite: having already taking part in two workshops.

- Hours : 10am-5.30pm

- Place : Paris 14°, M°Porte d'Orléans.
- Cost: 420€ all material included (-40€ if registered before December 20)
, 340€ for continuing students. 150€ deposit* to confirm registration.
- Lodging : Please contact Isabel Fouchecour for list.

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Deposit for the Loving & Painting workshop

150,00 €

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