Almost everything about a masterclass...


What is a Masterclass ?
It is a time that you choose to dedicate to yourself, in order to explore your creative process more deeply, through painting and observing each other’s processes. You will explore ways to link these experiences together in your daily life, applying them in all dimensions supported by an environment of sharing, support and discovery.


How will we specifically do that ?
Deepen your process: as the masterclass is reserved for continuing students, we will be able to address new aspects of the process from the very first day.

Painting, and more painting: because painting and teaching follow the same process.

Observing: each participant will have the opportunity to observe the interactions between myself as facilitator and the students by following and shadowing me for half of a day.

Integrating: using different exercises to make it easier for you to share the basics of the process, communicate them effectively or potentially teach them to others.

Links with daily life: we will focus on the way this process is naturally and easily at work in all the dimensions of our lives: practical, spiritual, emotional, relational, professional,…




To register, you need to have experienced 10 days of painting with the PointZeroPainting approach in a class with Isabel Fouchecour, Carol Levow, Debbie Purdy or, of course, Michele Cassou.

For registration and
all further questions and information, 

please send an email to Isabel Fouchecour 
or to call +33 6 12 22 59 18 


* In case of cancellation, deposit will be refunded (-50€ for paper work) only if the workshop is fully booked.

Isabel Fouchécour, facilitateur de l'approche PointZeroPainting, dans les ateliers YesPainting.


Prochains stages :

• 9-11 mars, à Bruxelles 

• 10-12 mai, à Paris 


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Un tarif étudié si vous souhaitez participer à plusieurs stages
dans l'année.

Pour en savoir plus, appelez Isabel Fouchécour
au +33 (0)6 12 22 59 18


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