What about hosting a YesPainting workshop near you ?

Would you like to host a YesPainting training class near you? ...

I love traveling, working with new people and I am flexible.

Please gather a minimum of eight participants to form a class :-).


In exchange for setting up the conference arrangements, 

the course will be free for you.


Your mission...

  • Find the place to have the class (a large, quiet room with adequate area to paint).
  • Buy the needed materials (the price will be refunded to you during the class).
  • Know and find the participants (of course, we will also announce the course on the YesPainting website).
  • Help me set up the studio before the class.


What you need to know to set up a workshop...

Requirements for the place

  • Open walls (at least 1meter wide per participant of painting space),
  • Chairs for all participants.
  • One or two tables for common equipment (paints, water, etc).
  • Good lighting.
  • A water source to change the water glasses and wash brushes.
  • Plastic on the ground and the walls (taped with a safe tape).

Required Equipment and Materials

  • Plastic enough to cover the ground & to protect the walls and tables.
  • Plastic cups (2 per participant).
  • 200g Canson paper 65x50 (grape size): 80 sheets for about eight participants for a 3-day workshop.
  • Adhesive paper (the kind used in painting to protect windows).
  • 4 to 6 rolls of paper towels.
  • 2 large garbage bags (100 liter).
  • 2 large buckets (the kind used by painters in construction).

What I will bring for the course

  • Plenty of watercolor brushes.
  • Painting Pallets.
  • An atomizer (to add water to the paints when needed).

Please ask each of the participants:

  • To bring their paint (gouache type in tubes or pots),
  • To wear comfortable clothing that they are comfortable painting in so that they have nothing to fear, or an apron.


Do you have any questions?

Please call me at 33 (0) 1 45 41 28 67,

or email me at


Isabel Fouchécour, facilitateur de l'approche PointZeroPainting, dans les ateliers YesPainting.


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