Painting to meet yourself


Intuitive painting

First attempt at definition

Warning: this text was translated with Google translation help, from the french version. But I can feel that it doesn't sound like fluent english. In case someone wants to rephrase it, welcome !!!


I admit it, the PointZeroPainting approach that I propose as a tool for exploration, development, and “growing up”,…is not easy to explain in one sentence. Not even two...


Let’s start with what it is not: art therapy. In the sense that you are not going to paint to “treat” or solve something specific. Which does not prevent intuitive painting from being a radical tool for liberation.


So, intuitive... Because intuition will be the vector between what you deeply need to express and your brush. As with insights, we don't know why it's emerging just now, where it comes from, but it's obvious. To the whole of us, not just to our minds. Intuition could be cultivated, it cannot be controlled.


My mind tries to interfere, with its army of little me's, but brushstroke after brushstroke, I don’t let it control myself. I free myself from its grip, and everything becomes more fluid.


No, I'm not happier... I'm more alive. And a joy rises in me that I didn't know, an organic joy: I feel the inside of my body expanding, as if each organ was lounging on a sofa in the sun. And you know what ? I give up trying to understand why. Why does this pink dot, or black line cause this?

I finally let myself do it on my own.