Residential Masterclass: October 2018

Practical details on the housing

The place

A family house in a village in the south of France, at St-Laurent-la-Vernède. With a garden on each side of the house, and a swimming pool. With a large barn as a studio.

Dates and schedule

Arrival on Monday October 1st at 7:30pm, for dinner. The first session will be 8:30-10:30pm, the same day.


During the workshop, officially the schedules will be 10am-13pm, 2:30pm-5:30pm. 


End of the workshop à 4:30pm on Saturday 6. But you are welcome if you want to leave only on Sunday morning. 


In the house: 

• 5 bedrooms: 3 with a double bed, 2 with 2 beds, dispatched on 2 floors.

• 1 bathroom and 1 toilet on each floor.


In the village: rooms in private houses. 


All the meals will be provided "at home": the organisation is in process. It will be mainly vegetarian, with some specialities from Iran :-).


By car: here is the map. There is a parking place just in front of the house.


By train: Nîmes railway station. And we will have a shuttle from Nîmes to St-Laurent, at 5.15pm on Monday. And one on Saturday, from St-Laurent to Nîmes, at 5.15pm, and one on Sunday morning. Participation: 10€.

Lodging fee

For 5 nights, and all the meals from Monday dinner to Saturday lunch:

• 80€/day for a single bedroom,

• 55€/day for a shared bedroom (2 beds).


No charge if you stay one more night, except for the dinner.


Workshop registration  

Any question?

Please contact Isabel Fouchécour 

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Isabel Fouchécour, facilitateur de l'approche PointZeroPainting, dans les ateliers YesPainting.


Prochains stages :

• 9-11 mars, à Bruxelles 

• 10-12 mai, à Paris 


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