Non Violent Communication & Painting

The practice of NonViolent Communication (NVC) encourages us to adopt an attitude of welcoming, openness and compassion, both towards ourselves and towards others. To welcome with warmth and tenderness all parts of us, including those we love less or not at all.  It is only if I am able to accept my own « dark » areas that I will one day be able to accept the "unwanted" behaviour of my interlocutors.


In NVC, we prefer connection rather than solution, in the sense that we prefer the quality of connection and relationship to oneself and to others rather than the achievement of a specific result.

In the same way, the practice of YesPainting invites me to welcome fully and without judgment what emerges at the end of my brush. Not wanting anything, not expecting anything, not looking for a result, but simply welcoming what is there, here and now.


Isabel is clear from the beginning: no one can criticize his or her own paintings, or give an opinion, even favourable, on the neighbour's painting! 

The YesPainting also allows us to give free rein to our intuition and creativity... Just like in NVC, when we are looking for a solution that takes into account the needs of everyone.




Practical details

June 8-10

- Hours : 9.30am-5.00pm
- Place : Ferme du Banoyard - Banoyard, 817 à Theux, Belgium.
- Cost : 320€.

- Material: paper and brushes provided. Bring your paints: list HERE. 150€ deposit* to confirm registration. 

This workshop is open to beginners as to continuing students.

 *NVC: Non Violent Communication

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Isabel Fouchécour, facilitateur de l'approche PointZeroPainting, dans les ateliers YesPainting.


Prochains stages :

• 10-12 mai, à Paris 

• 8-13 juillet, à Uzès 


Pour la première fois, un stage CNV & YesPainting, en juin 


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